Table of Contents

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Table of Contents

1. What is a Project and its characteristics

2. Comparison of Software Development Models

3. Software Configuration Management Process

4. Configuration Audit Checklist

5. Qualitative Risk Analysis

6. Risk Identification

7. Project Tracking in Routine

8. Risk Management Principles

9. Develop Charter

10. Project Costing

11. Risk Categories

12. Risk Management Planning

13. Project Plan Review Checklist

14. Planning Processes

15. Risk Monitoring and Risk Control

16. Benefits of Software Metrics and Measurements

17. WBS and Project Management Tools

18. Release Readiness Review Checklist & Pre Delivery Audit Checklist

19. Software Configuration Management Process

20. Project Management Workbook – a generic tool for a PM

21. PMBOK Knowledge Areas and Processes

22. Webinar on Agile Methodology and Fixed Price Project & Products

23. Tips for writing a good Product Requirements Document for new Business Analysts

24. Best Practices for a Good & Effective Project Scheduling

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25. Tips for Choosing the Right Project Management Software

26. Best Practices of Project Management for Project Success

27. Portfolio Management vs Program Management

28. Role of Project Manager in Agile Methodology

29. How to create a work breakdown structure and its Benefits & Example

30. Project Management in Cloud Computing

31. Four phases of Project Life cycle

32. How Scrum Methodology Works

33. How to Calculate Velocity of team in Scrum

34. How to do Daily Scrum Meeting – Best Practices

35. How to Build a Successful Project Team

36. What to cover in Sprint Planning Meeting

37. Release Planning Meeting – Discussion Points & How to make it better

38. How to use Critical Path Method in activity network diagram or PERT

39. How to fine tune your project schedule

40. Create a Gantt chart Using Microsoft Excel

41. PMP – Integration Management Practice Questions

42. Tutorial on Project Risk Management

43. Organizational Structure for PMP

44. Refresh your skills on Time Management – Activity Sequencing & Earn 15 PDUs for Free !!

45. Management Review – Pre-Meeting Checklist

46. Tips for successful Change Management for your projects

47. Best Practices for Risk Management

48. Progressive Elaboration


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