Management Review – Pre-Meeting Checklist


It is important to prepare for all meetings specially when meetings called by senior management. It becomes more important when there is some bad news.

Before going to meeting try to get answer of the following questions:


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  1. What is agenda of meeting?
  2. Who are the participants of the meeting and interest of each stakeholder.
  3. What is the point of worry for key stakeholders? Think on how to address their concerns in the meeting.
  4. What percentage of the project has been completed – Actual versus planned in terms of both effort and schedule?
  5. Identify what is going good in the project. Always, start & end meeting with some good news.
  6. List down key updates of the projects. Get updated on key communication with client.
  7. What is client expectation previously and now?
  8. Identify key risks & issues that can be discussed in the meeting. For all the risks, have a contingency & mitigation plan ready in your mind.
  9. Identify any help required from project sponsor, management or any other stakeholder. Be very specific on this.
  10. How’s team doing. What is team’s motivation level?
  11. What support you need from management for the team to remain highly productive and motivated or identify any other team related issue/concern.
  12. If it is a decision making meeting, have a thought on problem statement & go with few alternatives.
  13. As a backup, don’t forget to carry schedule, budget, project plans & list of deliverable along with you. You may need to refer any of these @ any point of time.



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