Project Plan Review Checklist


This is a sample checklist for the review of a Project Plan. The content of Project Plan review checklist depends on the format of Project Plan template defined the in quality system. However, this checklist can assist a reviewer to define an approach for reviewing a Project Plan.



Below are some points to check:


1. Is the Project Plan template used is as per Quality System guidelines ?


2. Does title and revision history sheet contains project title, revision number, organization’s name, review and approval information etc.?


3. Is table of contents updated?


4. Has the scope of project mentioned in the project plan ?


5. Is acceptance criteria mentioned in the project plan and is it in sync with the acceptance criteria mentioned in the contract or master service agreement?


6. Is Project Plan includes a distribution list i.e. list of all individuals who are to receive a copy of the Project Plan and identifies their organization?


7. Is the total number of resources available in the Resource Request Form sync with the total resources mentioned in the Project Plan and contract ?


8. Are the schedule and scope in line with those given in the statement of work or contract ?


9. Is project plan identifies key individuals involved in all major aspects of the project, including contractors with their roles and responsibilities?


10. Does project plan contains organizational chart shows lines of authority and reporting responsibilities?


11. Does it contains regulatory information, applicable criteria, action limits, etc. necessary to the project?


12. Is the effective date for the plan specified?


13. Are the effort, size and project duration matching the latest estimate?


14. Are the training needs identifies?


15. Is L0 and L1 estimation referred while preparing Project Plan ?


16. Does the reference include the latest documents, related project plans and contract?


17. Does it Identifies where project information should be kept and for how long?


18. Are components / artifacts to be reused identified in the plan ?


19. Are the latest version and release numbers specified for the referred documents / standards, wherever applicable?


20. Are all acronyms and definitions correct?


21. Is updated Project Schedule available? Does the project duration match between the schedule, Project Plan and contract?


22. Are the project deliverables as per contract?


23. Is mode of delivery / release identified ? Are the customer representatives to whom delivery should be sent, identified?


24. Does the plan identify the project receivables from Client? Are all customer supplied documents, data, hardware / software identified as receivables?


25. Is project specific plan / model explained? Is it relevant to the scope and nature of the project?


26. Are the processes / tasks and related metrics tailored in this project and documented in the plan?


27. Is the deviations identified ? If so, are these approved by Delivery Head?


28. Is the Organization Boundaries and Interfaces in sync with roles & responsibilities identified?


29. Are the roles and responsibilities identified in line with as defined in the organization wide defined roles and responsibilities document?


30. Are preparation, review and approval responsibilities for every work product identified and are these in line with as defined in the organization wide defined roles and responsibilities document?


31. Does the plan identify the assumptions, constraints and dependencies of the project? Are they project relevant?


32. Does the risk management plan section include methods to mitigate the risks perceived in the contract?


33. Is the process followed to identify the risks (if any mechanism is defined in the quality management system)?


34. Are risk sources and categories identified in Risk management plan ?


35. Are data management activites planned?


36. Are monitoring and controlling mechanisms like Weekly Progress reviews, and reviews etc. with on-site team specified with their frequencies?


37. Is the frequency for sending project status reports to customer & customer reviews defined in the Project Plan?


38. Are all relevant SQA audits identified in the project schedule?


39. Is the staffing details mentioned?


40. Are the necessary Hardware / Software / tools etc. specified?


41. Are the target Hardware and Software Environment as per Contract?


42. Are Input to and Output from Development phases as per Quality System phase definitions?


43. Are the Verification activities for each output specified?


44. Have the backup and recovery plan been mentioned in Project Plan ?


45. Are all the references mentioned in Project Plan available ?


46. Are decision analysis and resolution instances identified in the plan ?


47. Is the escalation mechanism detailed  in the plan ?


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