How Scrum Methodology Works


Although is is difficult to explain complete scrum in one page. Let me try to explain how scrum methodology works. Scum methodology is a methodology which is most famous in the Project Management. By use of the scum methodology number of product are produced.


These products are produced in a small cycles called iterations. These iterations are not more than one month. These take place one after the without giving any pause.

Starting of the each iteration, cross functional team select the different items from the prioritized list. The whole team commits to complete the items by the end of the each iteration. Scum methodology has a benefit both to the client and developer. As client gets all things which he need from the developer and developers has a benefit of taking the part in the scum methodology are more subjective.

During the Scum methodology on the end of the day team discuss about the daily progress and also discuss about the nest planning for completion of the work or Project. This daily meeting is named as ‘Daily Stand-up Meeting’. When the sprint reaches at the ending point, whole team review all the points of the Sprint and also represent it by demo method, show what they want at the output.

Scrum has three roles like The Product Owner, The Team, and the Scum Master. By combination of all these these roles is known as The Scum Team. The product Owner is the person who is responsible for all the activities related to the project. The Team is a self manageable in the Scrum methodology. The size of the team is generally seven persons, gives or takes two. In the Scum methodology, the success of the project depends upon the Scum Master because it is acting as an interface between team of the project and the management.

Product owner manages & compiles Product Backlog – set of all requirements. Product Backlog remains with the product from starting of the product to the completion of the Product. Release Backlog is a subset of the Product Backlog that intends for the current release.

Scrum has no technique for expressing the items in a product backlog. Planning is also necessary for the sprint. Because of that reason, at the starting of each Sprint, planning meeting take place. Scrum motivate their teams for acting as a multi skilled team members, which means team members does not have to do only one type of work, they must have a knowledge about all the module of the project. So that any person can be placed at any place in the organization for the completion of project.

Here is a brief snapshot explaining scrum methodology:

How Scrum Methodology Works

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