How to do Daily Scrum Meeting – Best Practices


When the group of persons sits together in formal or informal way for making the discussion to solve any type of problem is called meeting. Daily scrum meeting has a fixed structure and meeting is held at a same time and same location.


These are not only for the problem solving or issue resolving but these are also for the next day’s planning. Scrum Master ensures that it starts on the time and finished in 5-15 minutes.

In the daily scrum meeting following question is asked from each team members:

  1. What did you do yesterday?
  2. What will you do today?
  3. Are there any impediments in your way?

Best practices for a better daily scrum meeting:

How to do Daily Scrum, Stand-up Meeting – Best Practices

  1. The scrum meeting is also known as stand-up meeting. In scrum stand-up means stand-up. In the meeting do not allow any team member to sit. By this way all the team member only make discussion on points. As it is too difficult for each to stand an hour. So meeting has been bind up in a small interval (5-15 minutes) of time.
  2. Status of task yesterday and planning for completion of task for toady are also discussed in meeting. By doing this whole the team gains excellent understanding about the work has been done and what work remains.
  3. Morning time of the Daily Scrum meeting is preferred, because in the morning team discuss about their today’s plan.
  4. Start time and end time of the meeting should be fixed every day. By making this a part of daily schedule, fixed pattern has been established. By making time and place fixed, it will go more smoothly.
  5. In the daily scrum meeting presence of all the team members must. Because in the meeting all the team member gives their status to each other. If any team member faces the problem, he or she can get help from someone else. It is possible only if all the team members are present in the Scrum meeting.
  6. Since, entire team is responsible for the timely completion of the sprint. So, it is important to give status to each other rather than to only manager. It is responsibility of entire team to listen each team member.
  7. In the meeting it is the main responsibility of the scrum master to track the due dates for all tasks for the completion.
  8. It is important for scrum masters/managers that they guide the team members to take the tasks themselves from the sprint backlog rather than assigning to them. This way team will take responsibility with sincerely.
  9. It is important for entire team & scrum master to concentrate on impediments. It is critical for the team effort success to remove any kind of blockage or hindrance to team work or team productivity.

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  1. Julian
    January 9th, 2012 at 17:28 | #1

    Interesting article. Unfortunately, I do not believe that using the daily scrum meeting method can completely replace “normal meetings” – and by normal I mean that sort of time-waste everybody hates. I started using web applications to plan and organize meetings and to keep track of results and tasks. Once you get used to it, it surely can help you out a lot when it comes to effectiveness of meetings. After trying some of the free tools available I got stuck on Agreedo which I am using frequently.

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