How to Calculate Velocity of team in Scrum


As you know Scum is a framework of iterative and incremental for the project management. Scrum has three roles: Scrum Master, Product Owner, and Team. The combination of all three roles is known as The Scum Team. The Team is a self manageable in the Scrum methodology. So, it is important for the team to understand the concept velocity.


In a Scum, whole the projects are divided into number of sub process. These sub process are known as sprints. Sprints can be of one week, two week or three week duration. Scum team is generally consisting of more than seven or less than seven people.

According to the scum teams velocity is related with the amount of work done by a team in a given sprint. Team must have to know about the velocity of the team in Scrum, if in any case team does not know about the velocity of team in Scrum, then team has no way to know that how much work to put into upcoming iteration.

If the team does to think about the velocity of a team, then at that time it is the 100% probability that team must miss the scope of the iteration. Scrum teams know that velocity is a rough estimate for the amount of work that a team can accomplish in a given sprint. In a Scrum required work is called a Backlog and the components of Backlog are called Backlog items. The size of the backlog items is known as points or story points. Velocity of the team in a Scrum has been calculated as follows:

Formula to calculate Velocity of team in Scrum agile methodology

Velocity of the team in Scrum = Number of total story points / One iteration

Let there are total 91 points calculated. So velocity of team in Scrum is 91 points per sprint.

How to Calculate Velocity of team in Scrum

By use of the Yesterday’s weather principal it is natural for commit about the same type of backlog items in the next sprint. Before doing this it is necessary to check the history of the Project.


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