What to cover in Sprint Planning Meeting


In the Scrum methodology sprint is a time period in a range of 2 to 8 weeks in which team can develop the shippable piece of software according to the requirement of the client. In the sprint planning meeting, entire scrum team participates along with scrum master & product owner.


In the sprint meeting product owner has a responsibility to describe about the features which have a highest priority. It is the moral duty of the all the team member to ask all the questions and clear their doubts which become hurdle in the completion of the sprint or project. When the sprint planning meeting completes, all the members of the scrum team decide how much they can commit to during the coming sprint.

Here are some important points to consider which might help help in making a sprint planning meeting effective:

This meeting should be time boxed. Approximate time can be set as 4 hours for a two weeks sprint or 8 hours for a 4 weeks sprint.

Defining Sprint Goal: It is important for the entire scrum team (including product owner & scrum master) to define the sprint goals & objectives. Try to keep these objective. At the end of sprint, at the time of sprit review or retrospective, success of sprint will be measured against these goals and objectives.

Role of product owner: The main responsible person in the sprint planning is the product owner.  Product owner should come in meeting with some ground work. i.e. he or she must prioritize requirements before coming to meeting.  In the problem meeting as all the members discuss their problems. So it the responsibility of the product owner to make final decision on the suggestion given by team members.

What to cover and how to do Sprint Planning Meeting, bect practices

Role Scrum Master: Scrum master must help team to negotiate with the product owner.

Time for each task: In the meeting team must have to decide that how much hours each team member will take for each task. Here, manager should not decide it.

Scrum master or manager should not force the team to cover their task according to product owner. Leave this according to team members to make decisions.

Only discuss points which have direct link with the current sprint of the project, do not discuss the unnecessary points in the sprint planning meetings.

Last but not the least, active participation of each team member is mandatory.


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