Organization Structure
– Five type of organization structures
– Projectized
– Functional– Balanced Matrix
– Strong Matrix
– Weak Matrix
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Project Manager is at very powerful position
Functional Manager has no power or very lesspower
Organization is structured around projects
Usually project staff is co – located
Project Manager has full control over resources &budget
Project Manager & project  staff are full time
Better Communication
More loyalty towards project
Lack of specialization for project & staff
Inefficient Resource Utilization
No specific career path for  project staff in domain
Team members are released after projectcompletion
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Usually department head is the in charge or owner of theproject
Project Manager has no or very less authority
Project manager has to do lot  of administrative work
Loyalty towards operational work
Projects are done within departments
Teams are structured around departments
Career development is domain specific or specialist  areas
Entire project staff including PM is part time
All project specific decisions are taken by  either departmenthead or functional manager
Projects get less priority as compared to operational  work
Lack of good project management practice
Communication is complex & follows a defined hierarchy
Project manager must have good communication,interpersonal & influencing skills
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